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Steve Gosling presents: Photographing from the heart

From: 07/17/2012 To: 07/17/2012
Free Online Webinar

Topic of the webinar:
In this webinar Steve Gosling will discuss one of the biggest challenges any photographer faces – learning to photograph what they feel as much, if not more, than what they see. Steve will outline why he believes that the images that have the greatest & most lasting impact on the viewer are the ones that communicate some form of emotion; photographs that capture the mood of the moment.

Steve will talk about the primacy of the subject in the photographic process and how in practice the photographer’s mood, experiences and pre-conceptions leads to a dialogue with the landscape. He will also discuss the implications for photographic technique, To illustrate the webinar Steve will show a range of his images, describing what he was feeling at the time of firing the shutter and the techniques he used to try and communicate those emotions to the viewer.

Space is limited.