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Manfrotto presents the new Video Tripod MVT502AM

02/04/2012 — 

The new Manfrotto MVT502AM video tripod with telescopic aluminum twin-tube legs is a lightweight, compact camera support for videographers who need an intuitively simple and user-friendly tripod.
The Manfrotto MVT502AM is a 2 stage video tripod with 3 telescopic-twin sections for assuring compactness when the tripod is folded. It can support payloads of up to 15 kg (33.06lb), ideal for the latest Camcorders, HDSLR or light cameras equipped with accessories such as external lights, monitors or microphones.
The tripod has a 75mm bowl but a 60mm adaptor is provided to widen the range of compatible professional video heads.
Innovative ellipse-profile aluminum twin tubes with newly redesigned leg locking collars give the MVT502AM excellent levels of rigidity and stability.
The new first stage spreader, with it’s rubber coated tripod connections, improves ergonomics and ease of use. The MVT502AM has new rubber feet which improve grip on all floor and ground surfaces. A new rubber strap ensures easier, safer transport.



• 3 telescopic-twin sections
• New collars for elliptic tubes
• 60mm adaptor available
• New top-stage fixed spreader
• Improved spreader connectors
• New rubber strap
• New rubber feet
• Color: black with grey details




• High rigidity with compactness
• Exceptional performance
• Compatible with 75mm and 60mm half-ball video heads
• Better ergonomics and ease of use
• Smooth opening and closing operations
• Easier and safer transportation
• Better grip on all floors and ground surfaces
• Styled and ideally suited for use with Manfrotto’s professional Bridging Technology video heads


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Telescopic Leg


Middle Spreader

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