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Compact Photo Kit

The Single Best Way to Improve Your Photos? Use a Tripod.

A Compact Photo Kit tripod holds your camera steady, making your photos sharper and giving you time to adjust the framing, and the freedom to get out from behind the camera to make your subjects relax and smile... or even get into the pictures yourself too.

The Compact Photo Kit tripod is designed for the occasional photographer who wants to improve the photos they share online with friends and family. It’s quick and easy to use, lightweight and compact to carry, tall and sturdy when open.


The Compact Photo Kit has a built-in ball head, which allows your camera to be positioned freely and quickly, at any angle and inclination, and rotated between landscape and portrait positions. A single easy locking control blocks the camera firmly in place before you take the photo.

Your camera attaches via a convenient quick release plate, which can stay fixed to the underside of your camera at all times so you're always ready to go.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact: fits in many camera bags and carry-on luggage


  • Quick-release camera plate
  • Easy flip leg levers


  • Sturdy aluminium tubing
  • High-grip rubber feet


  • Cameraphones (with tripod adapters)
  • Point-and-shoot cameras
  • Bridge cameras
  • Mirrorless cameras
  • Entry-level DSLRs with kit lenses


  • Black
  • Light grey
  • White (special edition, some countries only)
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