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Product Coding System

In order to make our new products and ranges easier to find and understand, Gitzo has created an improved product coding system.

The new coding system is based on letters and digits that describe the product characteristics. Thanks to this self-explanatory coding system, it is now very easy to identify the product and the different versions released. Just a quick glance at the product code can tell you the category, material used, main characteristics (like number of sections and head type) and other aspects of the product, like height, accessories, if it is part of a special series and other useful information.

While the coding system was designed to easily show some information about a product, it is easier to interpret the codes for main products like tripods, monopods and heads. The codes do follows the same logic scheme for all products, but it is more difficult to interpret for accessories .

All codes that begin with two letters follow the new, easier-to-read coding scheme; other codes that begin with one letter follow the old code system. All future products will follow the new coding system.


How To Read the Product Coding System

Code Chart Description Diagram