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Kata Desert Trail

The Kata Desert Trial

We went on the 3 days trek of Wadi Zered (Hasa), an isolated gem in Jordan
which is renowned for its breath taking beauty. Not many people get there, and not many bags.
We headed there all rigged up with Kata bags, camera gear and supplies.
This was a test no one could back out of midway as the only way home was 3 days away at the end of the trail.

We set out to test a wide range of our products from all collections and for all types of photo and video gear
and we ended up testing ourselves too on the same criteria:

  • Durability – No failing there for the bags, and the team held up well too...
  • Capability – The bags did indeed function as planned and expected, the team members surprised us quite often...
    Who knew that some of our guys were such good cooks?
  • Capacity – We stuffed the bags like they have never been stuffed before with camera gear, food, water, clothes and hiking gear and amazingly enough our team were happy to carry all of this and keep smiling, joking and enjoying the adventure!

These are the bags that excelled during the trek test:

Beetle 282 PL
Pro DSLR Backpack

VB 510
Video Backpack

Source 261 PL
HDSLR Backpack

TLB-600 PL
Tele Lens Backpack

Grizzly 3
Camcorder Backpack

Bumblebee 222 UL
Ultra-Light Backpack

Grip-12 DL
DSLR+Lens Holster

Point & Shoot Pouch

Access-14 PL
DSLR+Lens Holster

Point & Shoot Pouch