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A Vitec Group brand

Who is Vitec Group

The Vitec Group plc, www.vitecgroup.com, headquartered in Richmond, not far from London, UK, supplies a wide range of equipment and services to the broadcasting, entertainment and photographic markets. The Vitec Group is listed at the Stock Exchange in London (Engineering) and is comprised of 3 divisions that manage a total of 15 brands (all of which are leaders in their respective markets) generating consolidated sales in 2006 of £220m (nealry €310m).

Divisions of the Vitec Group Plc:
- Imaging & Staging
- Videcom Division
- Services Division

Imaging & Staging Division
Manfrotto is part of the Imaging and Staging division of  Vitec Group plc. The Imaging and Staging division has a strong reputation with two main groups of creative professionals. On the one hand, photographers and videographers, whether they are shooting commercially, independently or for pleasure; on the other, live and corporate event production and touring bands who need versatile trussing and staging sets.

Imaging & Staging - in short:
-1000 employees, in italy and abroad
-headquarters in Bassano Del Grappa (VI) Italy
-production facilities in Feltre (BL) and Mogliano (TV) Italy
-Production facilities abroad in Slovakia, the UK, Israel and the USA Mexico
-8 leading brands (in their respective markets)
-6 Distribution companies placed in Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Japan and the USA
-Consolidated revenue (2006) of more than €140 million with an export quota of 90%

The Brands of Imaging & Staging:

- Gitzo www.gitzo.com
- Manfrotto www.manfrotto.com
- Avenger Lighting Grip www.avenger-grip.com
- Kata www.kata-bags.com
- National Geographic*
- Manfrotto Distribution
- Litec www.litec.com
- Tomcat www.tomcatglobal.com
- Brilliant Stages www.brilliantstages.com
- Colorama www.colorama-photo.com
- Lastolite www.lastolite.com

*Manufactured and distributed under license.

Videocom Division

Our Videocom Division specializes in the design and distribution of high quality equipment principally for professionals engaged in producing, and transporting video content for the global media industries; broadcast, film, live events and education. More recently, our world leading products and technologies have successfully entered the government markets whre visual communications and surveillance are mission critical.

The Brands of Videocom:

- Sachtler www.sachtler.com
- Vinten www.vinten.com
- Vinten Radamec
- OConnor www.ocon.com
- Petrol Bags
- Litepanels www.litepanels.com
- Anton/Bauer www.antonbauer.com
- Autoscript www.autoscript.com
- Nucomm www.nucomm.com
- RF Extreme www.imt-solutions.com
- Microwave Service Company www.microwaveservice.com
- The Camera Store www.thecamerastore.co.uk

Services Division

Our Services Division provides rental equipment and technical support for the most demanding broadcast productions, from the world's first in-flight concert to a Papal visit. We also act as an integrator/dealer for high-end audio equipment, resell used equipment and provide comprehensive maintenance and fiber optic systems design and installation services.

The Brands of Services Division:

- Bexel Broadcast Equipment Rentals
- Bexel Broadcast Video Gear

- Audio Specialties Group www.bexel.com/rentals/asg


Who / What is Vitec?

Summary Professionals worldwide, who strive for the highest quality images and sound, can have confidence in Vitec companies, based on our long standing commitment to provide the most reliable, advanced and innovative products and services.
Purpose We serve worldwide customers with products and services for the broadcast, entertainment and photographic industries.
Promise Vitec companies
  • Continually strive to make our products and services both highly relevant and more reliable
  • Build long term, mutually rewarding relationships with our end user customers
  • Support our people to act entrepreneurially
  • Operate with appropriate care for our environment and community
Values Our best people are committed to success, innovate in the way they work, and demonstrate a positive "can-do" approach to solving new challenges. Vitec people will be respected worldwide for doing what we say we will, in a professional, open, ethical and honest way.
Strategy To grow market leading brands by constant innovation in product and services, by the acquisition of other premium businesses, backed by continuous improvement of our operations.
Aspiration To become a FTSE 250 company by 2010
Stretch Goals Growing: To grow sales by 50% in 3 years Profitably: Operating Margin of approaching 15% Staying current: Products under 1 year old = 25% sales.
Organization Vitec companies are primarily focused on the broadcast live event and photography markets. Our premium brands have unique characteristics and are organised in clusters by market served, so as to maximise synergies. We share ideas, infrastructure, and technology across our decentralised Group.