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Mirrorless Family


The introduction of Mirrorless cameras in 2004 and their recent subsequent tremendous growth, have changed the way many people relate to their digital camera.

This relatively new niche has inspired frequent new models - all the way from the earliest Leica M models, the Panasonic Lumix G series, the Olympus PEN series, the Samsung NX series, Sony's NEX, and the Pentax Q, all the way to the Nikon 1, Fujifilm's X-Pro1, the Pentax K-01 and Canon's latest release - the EOS M.
As a company attentive to market trends and shifts, KATA has introduced numerous camera bags which not only fit Mirrorless cameras, but totally suit the lifestyle and requirements of their users. You are welcome to browse our Mirrorless category and find the bag that suits you best for your needs, requirements and gear.

KATA has everything from pouches and holsters that accommodate Mirrorless models, to larger shoulder bags, slings and backpacks which can carry a camera plus accessories and personal gear, and even fashionable everyday bags which can be transformed instantly into camera bags. KATA has solutions for all needs, and is constantly restudying and reevaluating the market to meet new trends.

With the excitement they generated among users, and the possibilities they bring to camera manufacturers, Mirrorless cameras are here to stay, and KATA will continue to provide the finest bags and carrying solutions to help their users.

LightPic Family

The Light Pic is a stylish, functional, lightweight shoulder bag designed to carry camera gear + everyday personal effects. The camera insert can be removed to create spacious storage for everyday use. The unique patented strap buckle offers quick carrying transformation from messenger style to shoulder bag to purse.
Light Pic-20 DL, Light Pic-40 DL, Light Pic-60 DL Available also in Black

MarvelX Family

The Marvelx is designed to carry a Sony Nex 3 or 5 with up to 18-55mm lens attached and 16mm pancake lens, the Olympus Pen 1 and 2 with up to a 14-42mm lens attached and 17mm pancake lens, or similar sized camera configuration. Carry your camera with main lens attached in quick draw position.
MarvelX-20 DL, MarvelX-30 DL, MarvelX-40 DL

Lite Family

The wide variety of sizes of the Lite family allows you to choose the bag that is right for your exact camera setup. These bags are straightforward and stylish compact carrying solutions to match your camera and accessory needs. Made from Kata signature materials and technologies to guarantee quality, protection and light weight.
Lite-431 DL, Lite-433 DL, Lite-435 DL, Lite-437 DL, Lite-439 DL, Lite-441 DL

LighTri-310/312 DL

The D-Light LighTri bags are stylish, functional, lightweight, protective Torso-Packs designed to keep your mirrorless camera in quick-draw position at all times. The quick draw opening lets you open the bag to get to your gear located within as fast as possible. Simply open the top flap to shoot.
LighTri-310 DL, LighTri-312 DL

LPS DL Faimly

The new LPS DL bags are compact backpacks for tablets and personal gear which also provide storage and rapid access for a small DSLR or Mirrorless camera and lenses. These bags feature a simple but clever pull-tab system provides rapid access by simply releasing one shoulder strap and swinging the bag to your side.
LPS-116 DL, LPS-216 DL


The E-690 PL elements cover is an excellent and practical cover for zoom cameras up to a small DSLR with small lens (camera must have protruding lens). When suddenly caught in the rain, it slips quickly over your camera and allows you to keep on shooting. The full-length double zipper provides bottom closure when hand held or on a tripod. E-690 PL


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