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Kata's Money-Back Lightweight Protection Guarantee

Kata's Money-Back Lightweight Protection Guarantee


Kata is so sure that you will love their new Lightweight Collection of bags, that it is offering a money-back guarantee. If you find a competitor bag that is similar (with the same level of protection, similar capacity, features and functionality) but which weighs less than your Kata bag, buy it and Kata will take back your Kata bag and return your money!

Kata's three new lightweight collections provide excellent protection for your gear while not burdening you with lots of additional weight from your bag.

ULTRA-LIGHT COLLECTION - Kata’s Ultra-Light collection is designed for those in search of the exceptional, who will not settle for less than outstanding performance! A combination of technology, materials and design provides State Of The Art products which embody the ultimate essences of Lightweight Protection without compromises.

PRO-LIGHT COLLECTION - Pro-Light is the multi-featured professional collection from Kata. Designed to provide the best carrying, storage and working solutions this Lightweight Protective range of products will cater to the smallest detail of a professional Photographer and Videographer needs

D-LIGHT COLLECTION - Kata’s D-Light Stylish and Functional collection offers the hobbyist as well as the enthusiast photographer the perfect Lightweight Protective “Camera+” bags, designed for camera gear + everyday personal effects.